Newspaper 1 Staff 2019-2020

The Prep News staff is growing. Students enrolled in Newspaper 1 class write stories for the on-line edition. The Honors Newspaper staff publishes the Prep News print, the Quarterly magazine and video content. Meet your on-line news reporters.

Ethan Carolina

Meet junior, Ethan Carolina. When Carolina was asked what famous person he would like to meet and why, Carolina answered, “Blueface, seems like a pretty cool guy in person. Seems to know a lot about sports. I feel like we could relate a lot.” Carolina enjoys quality television. Carolina explained how Teen Titans was his favorite TV show and how it devastated him when it was taken off the air “Favorite TV show of all time easily has to be Titans… My favorite character on the show is Beast Boy. Um, I watched that show as a kid.

Carolina seems to have a thing for mac and cheese. Carolina explained this when he was asked what he would like to eat for lunch. “If I could have anything for lunch I’d like a little mac and cheese.”

Carolina is a man of many talents. “Something I’m good at doing is playing basketball and playing the trombone. I have been playing the trombone for around five years at this point. I’ve been playing basketball all my life. I’m the first chair trombone and I’m trying out for state I made districts last year. Yep.”  Carolina can add writing for the Prep News to his list of talents.

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