Fantasy Football

  Rockhurst High School students have turned the fun activity of fantasy football into a high stakes, competitive activity. There are multiple leagues around the school. You can start one with a select group of friends, or even join the Fantasy Sports Club. Members of the football team have a fantasy football league going on during the season.

      Fantasy football is more than the thrill of making a  blockbuster trade or the defeat of a when a player disappoints you or collecting the winning money at the end of the league. What makes fantasy football so entertaining is the consequences the loser of the league has to face. The consequences the loser has to face differs from league to league. One of the harshest consequences among leagues at Rockhurst is found in junior Forrest Fox’s league. The consequence for last year’s loser-A clean, bald shave from Sports Clips.

       Fox chronicled how their infamous league consequences grew.  “It all started freshman year, and the stakes kind of ramped up every single year,” Fox said.  This year, the loser will have to wax their armpits.

  “This year we really wanted to heighten the stakes and shame the loser,” Fox concluded. 

       Fantasy football will continue to carry on at Rockhurst High School, and the stakes will continue to be high.

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