NBA 2k game hit stores on September 6, 2019, to the eager players of the community. This game gives the player a chance to play with their favorite team and favorite players in different game modes.

Rockhurst students, Shane Bobo and William Pollard, had a few words to say about the new game.

When Bobo was asked about the best feature in the game, Bobo said, “I really enjoy the mechanisms of the game. The graphics are really clear.” 

In NBA 2k20, you are able to construct your own player which will determine how his playing style will be in the game. Occasionally, people aren’t always satisfied with their build, but they have the choice of making a different build. Players are able to use their personal builds in the myCareer and myPark modes.

Pollard was asked which mode he liked better out of the two and he said, “I’m more of a myPark player. I like playing with friends and against real people.”

Bobo was one of many whom was pleased with his player’s build. Pollard was also impressed.

Bobo said, “I made a playmaking shot creator. I am very satisfied with the build. It allows me to get shots up and finish at the rim. I wish the dribbling was better. The player’s dribble moves are really slow and confusing.” Pollard said that he made a playmaking sharpshooter. It seems to me that having a playmaker is popular in NBA 2k20.

Bobo and Pollard both enjoy the new 2k. NBA 2k20 is out now in all gaming stores and is coming off the shelves as we speak. 


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