People of Rockhurst-Jackson Pickard

    At first glance, you may not notice Jackson Pickard.

Jackson Pickard

A junior here at Rockhurst, Pickard leads a laid back life. He maintains a 3.2 GPA, (getting mostly As and Bs), and is a linebacker for the JV football team. Above all of that, however, Pickard is an example of your average Rockhurst High School student. 

      Pickard leads an “easy going and laid back life” here at Rockhurst. In the morning, (arriving around 7:55), the ginger sixteen-year-old rushes into school, iPad in one hand and a red bull in the other. “I’m almost late to first hour every single day.” After the first bell rings, Pickard works vigorously to get the homework done that he didn’t have time for the night before. “Before I know it, the day’s over and all of my homework’s turned in.”

       After three o’clock, however, Pickard spends a couple of hours on the football field, perfecting his linebacker skills. “I hope I can go to Mizzou in a couple of years.” By the end of the day, Pickard is sitting at home with another red bull avoiding his homework at all costs. 

      This look into Jackson Pickard and his routine offer a glimpse of a day at Rockhurst High School.


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