New School Shoes

     Rockhurst boys love their New Balances and classic running shoes, but some new drip from the StockX website dropped, August 28th. 

     For Adidas fans, three new colorways of the Adidas Ozweegos are being released. This shoe has been out since 1996 and it is still very popular in the Adidas community. The Adidas community is mainly known right now for the Raf Simmons which were introduced in 2013 when it comes to the Ozweegos. The new colorways  are “Core Black”, “Cloud White”, and “Orange.” The new “Weegz” have a Yeezy type of look to them which is one reason why these shoes are going to sell well. The prices for the shoes have not been shown on the website yet. They also have another shoe called the Adidas ZX 9000 “30 Years or Torsion”. These are being sold for a price of $120.

Adidas Ozweego Orange (GS) available on StockX 

Nike, on the other hand, released various types of shoes on the website. The featured shoe released is the Nike Daybreak. The colorways for this shoe are “Metallic Gold”, “Lavender Mist”, and “Metallic Silver.” The first colorway is $124, the second is $120, and the third is $122. Even though these shoes are made in 2019, they have a 1970s-80s type look. It is likely these new shoes will sell out. It’s best to buy the shoe right when you see the sneaker that catches your eye. 

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