Staff Member Jack Kasper

        Junior Jack Kasper leads a calm, cool and collected lifestyle. Spending much of his time on the soccer field and in the books, it can be difficult to learn much about this student athlete.          One thing you may not know about Kasper is that he is a goalie on the JV soccer team. When askedContinue reading “Staff Member Jack Kasper”

Staff Member Pasquale Trozzolo

Pasquale Trozzolo is a sophomore Rockhurst brother in our community, there’s even more to him than meets the eye. Trozzolo has some hidden interesting talents that most people don’t know about. Trozzolo is a humble, light-hearted student. Trozzolo doesn’t take himself too seriously, not one to boast about his abilities. Trozzolo is intelligent, runs track,Continue reading “Staff Member Pasquale Trozzolo”

Staff Member Daniel Owens

Daniel Owens a junior at Rockhurst leads an interesting life that includes playing basketball, doing schoolwork, and watching The Office.  Owens enjoys all things  basketball. In fact when I asked him about a famous person he would want to meet he said, “LaMelo Ball because he has been in the spotlight for so long andContinue reading “Staff Member Daniel Owens”

Prep News Staff Member- Gerald Brewer

Do you know who Gerald Brewer III is? Well, you will after reading this article. Brewer is a sophomore at Rockhurst High School, and his nickname is “G3.” Brewer plays football, wrestles, and is a member of the Prep News online staff. Brewer’s football season has come to an abrupt ending because in his gameContinue reading “Prep News Staff Member- Gerald Brewer”

Newspaper 1 Staff 2019-2020

The Prep News staff is growing. Students enrolled in Newspaper 1 class write stories for the on-line edition. The Honors Newspaper staff publishes the Prep News print, the Quarterly magazine and video content. Meet your on-line news reporters. Meet junior, Ethan Carolina. When Carolina was asked what famous person he would like to meet andContinue reading “Newspaper 1 Staff 2019-2020”

People of Rockhurst-Jackson Pickard

    At first glance, you may not notice Jackson Pickard. A junior here at Rockhurst, Pickard leads a laid back life. He maintains a 3.2 GPA, (getting mostly As and Bs), and is a linebacker for the JV football team. Above all of that, however, Pickard is an example of your average Rockhurst HighContinue reading “People of Rockhurst-Jackson Pickard”