Service at Rockhurst

      Rockhurst High School has always taken pride in its service program, which they show through the fact that each grade has its own service goals to reach and the fact that Rockhurst holds an entire week dedicated to service called Mission Week. With all of these things going on here at Rockhurst, however, service can still feel more like a chore than a good deed and deter students from fulfilling their service goals. This leads us to the question of whether or not students here at Rockhurst are taking their service seriously.

Rockhurst students visiting a service organization booth.

     Rockhurst junior,  Harlan Westra, says that he does take service seriously. Westra gets most of his hours through the Chinese Club.  “I enjoy performing lion dances with the Chinese Club at places like the Nelson Atkins Museum.” However, while Westra continues to fulfill his service hour requirements he feels as though Rockhurst could “do a better job at building enthusiasm for service” and that it “feels tedious at times”. 

      Another junior, Jackson Bergfeld, also says that he takes service seriously. Though he doesn’t enjoy putting in the work as much as Westra does, Bergfeld does it by taking advantage of the service bar. “I’ve gotten all of my service hours through the service bar. We did things like help host runs and take care of people in nursing homes.” But like Westra, he too feels as though “Rockhurst presents service as more of a tedious act than something to enjoy taking part in.”

      As you can see, Rockhurst students just about take service seriously.  Though at times it can feel tedious to students, they work out of the good of their hearts. We can still say that doing service for others is still taken seriously at Rockhurst High School.

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