Obscure Clubs at Rockhurst

     There are over 30 clubs at Rockhurst. Clubs like Outdoors Club, Videogames Club, and Patriotism Club are usually the clubs people gravitate to the most. With there being so many clubs, some clubs may fly under the radar. These are multiple hidden gems of clubs that many people do not know about. 

       As a Future Business Leaders of America chapter, the Future Business Leaders of America Club, moderated by Mr.Martin Radosevic, mixes business study with career and leadership development. Topics range from investments, management, entrepreneurship, and marketing. FBLA participates in numerous competitions both locally and nationally.

       Piano Club, moderated by Mr. Jack Reichmeier, aims to bring together students who share an interest in playing the piano or have a desire to learn how to play this instrument. This club provides an amazing opportunity for beginner piano players to learn how to play, and it also serves as a place for pianists to meet other pianists, and to create opportunities for pianists to perform. 

       Visual Arts club, moderated by Mr. Tate Owens, seeks to deepen students’ awareness and knowledge of regional art exhibitions. Visual Arts Club intends to encourage talented students to continue exploring their own talent and creation of a portfolio of work which they submit to competitions. 

       Moderated by Coach Mark Bayhylle,  RockFit’s main goal is to expose the CrossFit fitness methodology of high-intensity training with the Rockhurst community. RockFit is open to all students, and even faculty, who wish to learn about the CrossFit methodology while picking up an appreciation for their current goals of health and wellness.

RockFit club meets in the weight room during activity periods

       While there are the typical and well-known clubs that are very popular around the school, these clubs are also solid clubs that you should explore. Check back for information on other lesser-known clubs at Rockhurst.

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