NLE Choppa

     NLE Choppa, born Bryson Potts, is only sixteen years old, but, man, he’s got a lot going for him. NLE Choppa is Memphis rapper who made his way onto the Billboard Hot 100 in early May of 2019. His song “Shotta Flow” ranked in at ninety-six on the Hot 100 Billboard charts. NLE Choppa has an astounding 9.7 million U.S. streams coupled with an also impressive 1,000 downloads.

     NLE Choppa is a big deal; he even came in at number eleven on the Emerging Artists chart, which is why he was offered $3,000,000 to sign a record label. Here’s the kicker though: he’s been shutting down the labels. NLE Choppa says he has turned down the deals because he knows his worth and feels like his potential is worth more than $3,000,000. NLE claims he hopes to take NLE (No Love Entertainment) into his own record label. For now, though, NLE Choppa is a young independent artist, and he’s booming. 

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