People of Rockhurst- Carter Lange

Behind the Lens

One can almost always spot him on the baseline or in the back of the endzone, aiming his lens at Rockhurst athletes year round. Carter Lange is passionate about pictures, and he can be found at nearly every big event at the school.

He was introduced to photography in  Ms. Lehane’s in Photography class his junior year. Ever since, he has developed his skills through hard work, trial and error, and a natural eye for style. Lange said, “In Ms. Lehane’s class I rented out a camera a week earlier than anyone else and immediately went to work. I jumped at every opportunity I could to get behind the lens and picked up the basics through practice.”

Ever since, Lange has made it his mission to become the best photographer he can, and has now become a photo editor for both the Prep News and the yearbook. “I think that these publications are great,” Lange said, “and I think that they are a good place to showcase my hard work.” Lange specializes in sports photography and has already captured some iconic shots in both football and basketball.

In fact, it was because of his knack for basketball pictures that he has found his latest job. Carter now works for 20/20 Productions, a photography duo that shoots high school basketball games and profits off of their pictures. “20/20 has given me a great opportunity to not only develop my skills but to be able to say that I am a professional photographer at 17,” Lange said.

Lange looks to continue his photography in college, most likely at Kansas State University. “Photography has taken over my life, and it is probably what I want to do for the rest of it,” Lange said.

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