People of Rockhurst-Aidan Lee



Aidan Lee

     Aidan Lee, a young and open-minded eighteen-year-old senior leads a very interesting life. He starts off his usual school day by waking up “just in time” to get to school. Lee rushes out to his silver VW and starts his cruise to The Rock with some old school Jimi Hendrix and some classic Kanye West.

     He arrives promptly at 7:59 and makes his way to his first class. A normal class day for Lee involves the rigor of Spanish IV, KC History, Coach Mo, and many others.

     Lee is a big-time Lacrosse fanatic and plays on the Rockhurst Varsity Lacrosse team. Lacrosse is one of Aidan’s favorite activities. His speed is one of his best abilities, and he prides himself on it. After a long day of school, workouts, and training, Lee likes to spend the rest of his nights comfortably chilling, watching movies, and SportsCenter. He’s a big fan of the Stephen A. Smith show. Lee also watches lots of comedies and action and adventure movies to pass the time. Lee lives a very busy, but however, balanced lifestyle. The perfect mix of calm and hard.  

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