People of Rockhurst-Michael Kuklenski


Mike Kuklenski after a football game.

     The alarm sounds at 6:45 on another Monday morning. Michael Kuklenski reaches out and silences the noise, then proceeds to climb out of bed, put on his robe, and make his way upstairs to eat breakfast. “My dad has poured Life cereal for me already, with a peeled banana.” Kuklenski is ready to tackle his day, where he balances difficult classes, football, lacrosse, and SGA.

         Kuklenski has played football his entire life and is set to play an important role on next year’s varsity offensive line. On the lacrosse team, Kuklenski plays goalie. Kuklenski also participates in student government as an elected class representative, his second year in that position. Kuklenski has said he is considering running for student body vice president next year. On top of all that, he takes several advanced/honors/AP classes.

         Outside of school, Kuklenski is an Eagle Scout in Troop 395 of Curé of Ars, where he attended grade school and attends church. Kuklenski enjoys spending time with his younger brother, Eddie, especially when playing NHL on Xbox. Kuklenski also likes to spend time with friends outside the walls of Rockhurst. He also loves bowling. Kuklenski has a lot on his plate and is excellent at managing and balancing his schedule. Kuklenski is a leader of Rockhurst in that he attends school events, encourages others to get involved, and leads by example with his positivity and effort.

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