Forever Royal

By Austin Schuster

     On Thursday, March 28, the Kansas City Royals opened their 2019 season by taking on the Chicago White Sox at the K. Opening Day is always preceded by a variety of season-opening ceremonies. Every season at the K, one can notice quite a few changes, and this season is no different. The Royals launched their 2019 campaign slogan, “Always Royal”, in early February. Along with the new slogan comes a new mural on the facade of the Royals Hall of Fame building; you will definitely notice it when you’re out at the K this year.

     The Royals also have a wide variety of new food options at the ballpark. They have lowered the prices of concessions drastically, as pretzels and popcorn will now only cost $3 this year, hot dogs $4, and a 16 oz Pepsi $3. In addition, the Royals have announced the creation of “The Keep at the K”. This is a new fan seating section that, according to the Royals website, “is a place for fans that are not only passionate about the Royals but equally passionate about their Kansas City community and possibly their epic tailgating.”

     Aside from the many stadium and marketing changes, the Royals have made quite a few on-field changes. Players such as Billy Hamilton, Jake Diekman, Brad Boxberger, Martin Maldonado, and Lucas Duda. Also, prospects Kyle Zimmer and Frank Schwindel have made the team’s Opening Day roster, and are set to make their big league debuts this year.

     As you can see, the team will look a bit new this year, but one thing is for certain: no matter the changes, we will forever be Always Royal.

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