Jackson Mayer- Profile

Born in the heart of Mission Hills, Jackson Mayer has been raised in the hipster KCMO culture for as long as he can remember. Mayer is an avid music listener and buys turntable albums frequently from various album shops across downtown Kansas City. Mayer is not interested in modern-day rap; his music interests lie within past generations. Mayer’s favorite band, The Grateful Dead, was formed in 1965, and features members such as Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and many more. Some of Mayer’s other favorite bands are The Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Steve Miller Band.

Mayer’s interests do not only lie with music, but also expand to lacrosse. Mayer has been playing lacrosse since he was eight years old. Mayer plays the midfield and attack. He played for the JV team at Rockhurst last year, and, “is expecting a great season ahead of him.” With LAKC lacrosse right around the corner, Mayer is prepped and ready to squash his enemies.

Mayer is very active in the Rockhurst community. He is a member of the Album Club, Chess club, and the Patriotism Club. You can tell by now that Mayer is very interested in music, and feels at home at the Album Club meetings. Mayer is extremely proud of his country and shows it by being an active member of the Patriotism Club. When he isn’t playing lacrosse, Mayer might be found playing chess after school. While he is new to the game, Mayer is a fast learner and is quickly becoming an amazing chess player.

Jackson is an amazing person to talk to, so if you have the opportunity, stop by, and talk to him; he will talk to you about anything.


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