People of Rockhurst- Carter Lange

Behind the Lens One can almost always spot him on the baseline or in the back of the endzone, aiming his lens at Rockhurst athletes year round. Carter Lange is passionate about pictures, and he can be found at nearly every big event at the school. He was introduced to photography in  Ms. Lehane’s inContinue reading “People of Rockhurst- Carter Lange”

People of Rockhurst-Aidan Lee

       Aidan Lee, a young and open-minded eighteen-year-old senior leads a very interesting life. He starts off his usual school day by waking up “just in time” to get to school. Lee rushes out to his silver VW and starts his cruise to The Rock with some old school Jimi Hendrix and some classic KanyeContinue reading “People of Rockhurst-Aidan Lee”

People of Rockhurst-Johnny Heos

     Taking one look at Johnny Heos it isn’t hard to infer that he’s not your basic Rockhurst student. His hair is a little too long, and his shirts are a little too groovy for Coach Mo. Yet Heos continuously reigns academically superior in the Rockhurst community. In addition to acing his classes, HeosContinue reading “People of Rockhurst-Johnny Heos”

People of Rockhurst-Michael Kuklenski

         The alarm sounds at 6:45 on another Monday morning. Michael Kuklenski reaches out and silences the noise, then proceeds to climb out of bed, put on his robe, and make his way upstairs to eat breakfast. “My dad has poured Life cereal for me already, with a peeled banana.” Kuklenski isContinue reading “People of Rockhurst-Michael Kuklenski”

People of Rockhurst- Peter Agnello

     As the cool, summer wind blows through the hallways of a large Tiffany Springs construction site, an old Toyota 4Runner, riddled with empty Redbull cans and Slim Jim wrappers. “I don’t need no money, I just need more tools,” Peter Agnello says under his breath. He steps out onto the dirt parking lot,Continue reading “People of Rockhurst- Peter Agnello”

Jackson Mayer- Profile

Born in the heart of Mission Hills, Jackson Mayer has been raised in the hipster KCMO culture for as long as he can remember. Mayer is an avid music listener and buys turntable albums frequently from various album shops across downtown Kansas City. Mayer is not interested in modern-day rap; his music interests lie withinContinue reading “Jackson Mayer- Profile”