NFL Refs: Dropping the Ball

     The NFL is becoming notorious for the numerous amounts of no-calls and “tic-tac” fouls being called or not called during the course of games. A great example of this was during the 2018-19 NFC championship which saw the New Orleans Saints face up against the Los Angeles Rams.

     With a minute and forty-five seconds left in the fourth quarter, Saint’s wide receiver Tommylee Lewis was running up the sideline, awaiting a potentially game-winning touchdown pass. As the pass was in the air, Ram’s corner Nickell Robey-Coleman slammed into Lewis, sending him careening through the air as the ball bounced incomplete, forcing the Saints to kick a field goal. Everyone around the nation knew that pass interference should’ve been called, except the four referees who were officiating the game.

     Outrage ensued when no flag was called. From ESPN to twitter, everyone was in disbelief that there was no penalty assessed to the Ram’s corner. ESPN analysts and fans alike agree that this is one of the most controversial non-calls in the history of football.

     In past years, referees in the National Football League have also been greatly criticized for flags being thrown for no reason. The penalty roughing the passer is assessed when a quarterback is unreasonably hit or thrown down after a pass attempt or run. Referees seem to be throwing the flags around like they are hot potatoes when it comes to roughing the passer.

      The NFL is contemplating rule changes and regulations to help prevent these bad calls or no calls. With new regulations in place, games could be more satisfying to watch, with less game winning or losing calls. This would help the audience of these games make less excuses or blame the refs for their team losing games. Overall, the NFL would benefit in every way if they choose to create new regulations for referees.

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