SME Rivalry- A Coaches Perspective

By Edwin Yanez

     The infamous Shawnee Mission East Rivalry is picking back up with the basketball game tonight. Our varsity basketball record is 20-0. Meanwhile, SME varsity team has a record of 8-5. I’ve decided to interview our varsity basketball coach Mr. Peter Campbell on his opinion of the rivalry with SME.

     I asked Campbell what he believes the rivalry is, how it affects the players and he said “The SME game is the biggest game on the regular season schedule for our players.  The game atmosphere is intense and the sellout crowd is amazing. We appreciate everyone who comes out and cheers on the basketball teams.” It’s quite clear that Campbell understands the volume of this game, how different the atmosphere of the game can be, and how important the game is to his players.

The SME vs RHS basketball game is a non-conference game.  See you tonight at 7pm!

ROCK STATE! Beat East!

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