RHS vs SME-The Basics

     As we prepare for the annual Shawnee Mission East vs. Rockhurst basketball game, our basketball armies are ready, but how do we compare with East?

     The Shawnee Mission East Lancers was founded in 1958, and Rockhurst was founded in 1910 by Fr. Michael P. Dowling. East has won 115 State Championships, in Kansas. Rockhurst, on the other hand, has only won 76 championships in Missouri.

     East has 1,743 students, 49% female, and 51% male students. Their school is 85.9% White, 6.8% Hispanic 3.8% Multiracial, 1.8% Asian, 1.4% African American, and .1% Native American.

     On the other hand, Rockhurst has 1,016 students, 100% male. Our school is 81.2% White, 7% African American, 4.5% Multiracial, 4.2% Hispanic, 2.7% Asian, and .4% Native American.

     East has a 19:1 student to teacher ratio, which is more than the national average (17:1). On the contrary, Rockhurst has an 11:1 ratio, which is less than the national average.

     Who knows who has a better army, but the only way we will tell is by the number of students at the game. So give up your Friday night, and go to the game to support your school. BEAT EAST!

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