Hawklet vs Lancer

By Austin Schuster

On a frigid Friday night in January, people will flock to the Rockhurst High School gym to watch the battle of the century. The mighty Hawklet is about to duel with the mediocre Lancer. The battle begins with a bang. The Lancer thrusts his sword towards Chesty the Hawklet, who dodges the attack and chirps a mighty chirp. Chesty kicks at the Lancer, who drops his shield. He begins to punch at the Lancer, delighting the Rockhurst crowd. However, the Lancer does not give up, and rises to his feet to take a swing with his sword at the Hawklet, who takes a hit, but does so with courage. The mighty Hawklet builds up enough anger to begin to take down the Lancer for good. He rears back for the final punch, both fighters know the end is near. However, the Hawklet simply shouts, “Rock Don’t Quit!”, and the Lancer falls defeated. Chesty stands alone as the victor, proving once and for all that no competitor will ever defeat the Hawklets of Rockhurst.

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