Is Saban’s Reign Over?

By Johnny Ferrara

     Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide were absolutely embarrassed by Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Tigers. The Tigers won the College Football National Championship game against The Crimson Tide, 44-16.  The Tigers dominated Alabama not only physically, but mentally as well. Saban was outcoached and unprepared compared to Swinney. Joel Klatt, Fox Sports Contributor, reported that Clemson was preparing for Alabama during the week Clemson was playing Notre Dame. The Clemson Tigers Football team look confident and well prepared compared to the Alabama team that looked worn and confused.

     With the emergence of Clemson and their true freshman quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, Clemson is now the favorite to win the 2020, 2021 National Championships. The Swinney and Lawrence legacy is just starting to grow,  Saban’s legacy is beginning to a slow death. Alabama has been deemed a Factory of NFL talent. While Clemson has become known for their family environment. This has also been had an impact on the coaching staff for Saban.

     Over the past four years, Saban has lost thirteen assistant coaches who have left for other programs. Meanwhile Swinney has only lost two assistants over four years. In the four national championship games between Saban and Swinney, Saban has had a different offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator for every game and Swinney has had the same OC and DC for the four games. Saban has recently been declining in the recruiting game.

     In 2018, Alabama had the fifth best recruiting class behind SEC east powerhouse Georgia. In the 2018 National Championship Georgia lost to Alabama. It is odd that more players committed to Georgia than Alabama even though Alabama won the Championship. This past year, the number one recruit, Justyn Ross, committed to Clemson over Alabama and was asked why he chose Clemson. Ross stated, “Clemson had a better atmosphere, more like a home feeling.” Many analysts believe Saban and Alabama have lost their charm to attract number one recruits. We will just have to wait and see.

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