Chiefs Headed to the AFC Championship Game

     The Kansas City Chiefs are off to the AFC championship game, having defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-13 in the divisional round on Saturday. It’s the first time the Chiefs have won a home playoff game since 1994, having lost their previous six post-season home games. This huge victory also marks the first time Arrowhead Stadium will host an AFC championship game.

         Patrick Mahomes looked solid in the divisional game win, throwing for 278 yards while completing 27 of his 41 pass attempts, adding a four-yard touchdown run to put the Chiefs up 24-7 heading into halftime.

         The real reason the Chiefs won was that they dominated two key aspects of the game: the run game and defense. Kansas City racked up a staggering 180 yards on the ground, 129 of which came from running back Damien Williams. The Chiefs torched a red-hot Colts defense led by all-pro rookie linebacker Darius Leonard. The Chiefs’ often criticized defense also crushed Indianapolis, rendering Andrew Luck and the Colts’ offense completely ineffective, aside from one TD drive. The Chiefs constantly pressured the Colts’ star QB, and only allowed 266 total yards to the Colts. Mahomes had more passing than yards than that.

         Now, it’s on to the biggest game the Chiefs have played in 25 years, and the biggest game ever at Arrowhead. With Tom Brady and the New England Patriots rolling into town for their remarkable eighth consecutive AFC championship appearance, the Chiefs will have their hands full. You can never count Brady out in the playoffs. Ever!

         New England clobbered the L.A. Chargers last Sunday, cruising to a 35-7 half-time lead with a final score of 41-28 in their victory at home. The score indicates the game was closer than it was. Tom Brady looked great, racking up yards and touchdowns. But the Patriots have a different animal waiting for them this Sunday night.

         All year long people have been talking about Patrick Mahomes as the “Second Coming”, or the “New Tom Brady”. It’s the absolute perfect matchup to decide this year’s AFC representative in the Super Bowl. The G.O.A.T. vs. The Heir to the Throne. Old Dynasty vs. New. Legendary coach vs. seasoned veteran coach looking for his first Super Bowl title. You can’t make this stuff up.

         This is the ultimate test for the Chiefs, and really for the entire AFC. Will Mahomes take down Brady, ending one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time and solidifying the Chiefs as the next great AFC powerhouse for years to come? Or will Ol’ Tom Brady prove he’s not done yet, and prove the Vet always beats the Kid?

My Prediction: Chiefs 34 Patriots 30


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