Skins by XXXtentacion

     Now deceased rapper, XXXTENTACION, has new music available. His label has released an unfinished project from the rapper, called “Skins.” Skins is only 10 tracks in length and runs at just 30 minutes. The songs on the project are obviously unfinished, as they are brief, with skeletal production and unmastered vocals. However, there are still great moments on the project. The second track, “Guardian Angel,” uses a chopped and screwed version of the instrumental on “Jocelyn Flores,” a hit song from X’s previous album, “17.” The single released for Skins called “BAD,” is a hit already, as it has received a high spot on the Billboard top 100 list several weeks in a row. Another aspect of the album I was excited for, was the only feature listed on the album, Kanye West. Kanye and X team up on “One Minute,” which uses a distorted guitar riff and hard rock style production. Kanye comes in with a good verse that spans over most of the song. Kanye mentions the late rapper in his verse, saying “When I’m on my way, X hold the gate.” X finishes off the song with intense, angry, screaming; which he has been notorious for in previous tracks.

    XXXpix.JPEG      Skins serve as an ode to X’s fans, and a tribute to his career as an artist. I can’t put a grade or a rating on this project, seeing as its unfinished, but I see it for what it is. It’s a collection of X’s unreleased music, and fans of XXXTENTACION will likely appreciate it.

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