Prep News Christmas List

     Christmas is quite an invigorating time of year. While the cold wind blows through my hair, all I can think about is the warmth achieved by giving one of my associates a gift. I asked my fellow Prep News staffers, “What do you want for Christmas?”

Here is a list of their responses:

Sam Linson- All I want for Christmas is 14 cans of Campbell’s Chunky Beef & Bean Roadhouse Chili. And Perhaps some Fritos Scoops on the side.

Cody Metcalf- a date with Mrs. Claus

Johnny Ferrara- Good grade in newspaper

Quinn Roney- A nice Christmas ham.

Austin Schuster- The Chiefs to win the Super Bowl.

Connor Dreyer- You

Jack McAnany- a good Kanye album

January- Waterway Membership

Edwin Yañez – For Christmas, all I want is my body weight in Chocolate.

Conor Kelly- Two extra large dingos shipped to Kansas City

Carter Lange- I’m asking for a new 10-22 camera lens, a sensor cleaner, and possibly a new camera bag. It’s geeky I know.

Ben Debasio- Everyone in Newspaper to get their work done on time.

Nick Pope- For Tik Tok to be taken off the app store and to be brought back

Sam Kidder- Another dog or two

John Thurlo- My two front teeth

Jack Brackney- A winning lottery ticket

Nick Heisberger- A Nintendo Switch


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