There has been lots of speculation among NFL fans on whom should take the MVP trophy for the 2018-2019 season. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, is sitting at 4,300 yards, 43 touchdowns, yet, he has the most interceptions of all candidates at 11. Patrick Mahomes’ quarterback rating is 115.2. The Chiefs are currently sitting at the #2 team in the league according to ESPN analysis.

       Next candidate is Drew Brees the New Orleans Saints quarterback. ESPN has the Saints as the #1 team in the NFL. Drew Brees has thrown for 3,463 yards. He has 31 touchdowns on the season compared to 3 interceptions. The NFL currently has Drew Brees’ quarterback rating at 120.8 and has led the Saints to an 11-2 record going into Week 14.

      Following, Phillip Rivers has shocked NFL fans throughout this season. Phillip Rivers and the Chargers got a rough start to the season going 1-2. The Chargers are now sitting at 10-3 and have taken second place in the AFC West. Phillip Rivers has thrown for 3,638 yards already this season. He has thrown for 29 touchdowns and 6 interceptions so far this season. ESPN has the chargers sitting as the #5 team in the NFL and had Rivers at a 114.5 rating.

      Todd Gurley, the only running back on this list, has led the talented Rams team to an 11-2 record and a #3 spot in the ESPN rankings. Gurley has 1,203 rushing yards along with 504 receptions yards putting him at 1,707 all-purpose yards on the season. Gurley has 15 rushing touchdowns along with 4 receptions touchdowns. Gurley averages 4.9 yards per carry.

    The NFL committee is going to have a tough decision in picking this years MVP. Patrick Mahomes seems to be the obvious pick, yet, he has thrown 11 interceptions. Drew Brees has a great touchdown to interception ratio yet the Saints have lost to some weak teams on the season. Philip Rivers winning the MVP is quite a stretch but he has had the best season of his 14-year career. Todd Gurley is also an obvious pick being the best running back by stats in the NFL. The MVP award is voted upon by a panel of 50 sportswriters at the end of the regular season right before the playoffs. Stay tuned, it’ll be a good show.MVP.jpg


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