Avengers Trailer

     The Avengers 4 trailer, named Endgame, dropped on Friday, garnering mixed reviews. The last movie was an extreme box office success so both fans of Marvel and non-Marvel fans alike were pretty hyped for this new trailer.

      To understand the trailer a bit better, a recap is needed for all those fans who have forgotten how the last movie ended. Tony Stark, after having all of the Avengers on the distant planet being turned to dust, remained alone and far from Earth. Thus, when he appears in the trailer to be in the middle of space, starving and alone, he is heading back to Earth with none of the comrades that he had before.

         The other heroes that weren’t snapped, being Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow,  are dealing with the consequences of their loss. Despite half of the universe’s life being snapped into nonexistence, which signaled Thano’s victory, nevertheless, their role as heroes continues to push them forward.

          Dylan Lawrence, resident Marvel expert, and SpiderDoctor gave his opinion on the new trailer. “I thought it was really good. It’s getting a lot of backlash because it didn’t give a lot of plot, but I liked quite a bit of it. It gave a lot of tension, and a couple of characters appeared who I was not expecting,” Dylan said.

          “I have some idea of what’s gonna happen, but I haven’t read the comics, although I do research into the movies. I really don’t have any complaints about the movie; I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

        While the trailer didn’t give a glimpse into much of the action of the next movie, nevertheless, it set up the tension and stress that resulted from the Avengers Infinity War.  

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