Top Fantasy Football Performers of 2018


  • Patrick Mahomes – What do I even need to say. The guy has racked up the most fantasy points by far at 332.7. That’s 50 more than the next best guy. Mahomes has had an unreal first season as a starter, and let’s hope it continues into the playoffs for the Chiefs. If you’ve got Mahomes on your roster, you’re probably competing for a title. Unless you’re me. Sigh.
  • Todd Gurley – Todd Gurley is second on the board in fantasy points this year at 282.9. That’s 53 more points than the next non-quarterback. What a year for Gurley and the 11-2 Los Angeles Rams. Imagine if you had Mahomes and Gurley on you’re fantasy squad. Wow.
  • Saquon Barkley – Saquon Barkley is currently 13th in fantasy points at 229.6. Considering 11 of the top 12 scorers are quarterbacks, making those QBs less valuable, it’s safe to say Barkley is one of the most valuable players in fantasy football. The rookie from Penn State has taken the NFL by storm this season, and he might just carry you all the way if he keeps running the way he has been.
  • Drew Brees – Drew Brees is seemingly timeless. One of the oldest players in the NFL, Brees is having a career year, racking up 267.1 fantasy along the way. He’s not putting up Mahomes-like numbers, but he’s the next best thing and a real championship quarterback.
  • Cam Newton – Cam Newton is a mere one-tenth of a point behind Drew Brees at 267. The Panthers have been playing poorly as of late, but Newton has still garnered attention for the numbers he’s put up. He scored the fourth-most fantasy points this season and is a definite starter if he’s on your roster. A well-rounded cast solidified by Newton can take you the distance.
  • Alvin Kamara – The Saints’ running back tandem of Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram is just ridiculous. Ingram was suspended for the first four games of the year, paving the way for a fantasy explosion from Kamara. Alvin is third among running backs with 223.7 points on the year. He’s absolutely a top RB1 these playoffs.
  • Tyreek Hill – Tyreek Hill leads all wide receivers in fantasy points this season with 189.7, over 12 more than the next best at his position. Hill has had a few duds, but the Chiefs keep on winning, and he has exploded for several absurdly high point totals in games against the Chargers, Patriots, and Rams. Tyreek can carry a team to a fantasy ring.
  • Christian McCaffrey – Christian McCaffrey has 216.6 fantasy points in 2018, fourth among tailbacks. McCaffery has more points than Tyreek Hill, but he is at a deeper position, hurting his MVP status and lowering him below Hill in that regard. Still, the young Panthers’ running back is capable of putting up 25 plus points any given week. He’s a must-start.
  • Davante Adams – Adams is 26th in fantasy points, but second among receivers with 177.5. Again, Adams is more valuable than RBs and QBs with more points because of the lack of strong depth at the receiver position. With Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback, Adams is capable of dominating every week. He’s a top-tier fantasy receiver.
  • James Conner – In the absence of generational talent Le’Veon Bell, James Conner has excelled in the high-powered Pittsburgh offense. Conner has totaled 215.6 fantasy points this year, just one point back of Christian McCaffrey. He has been injured as of late, so keep an eye on his status. But if he plays, he’s one of the best options at the position for your playoff run.


  1. Honorable Mention – Travis Kelce – How could I not mention Travis Kelce. He’s the top tight end in fantasy football with 160.2 points, 26 more points than the next best tight end, Zach Ertz. Tight ends just simply aren’t as valuable a position in fantasy as quarterbacks, tailbacks, and wide receivers, so Kelce doesn’t make the list of top candidates for fantasy football MVP. However, he’s far and away the best at the position and can be a critical piece of any championship fantasy roster. Go Chiefs.

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