Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass

     On Wednesday, December 12, Rockhurst High School celebrated a unique Mass for the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Mass included traditional Mexican holy decorations, a mariachi band that performed the hymns, and a service done primarily in Spanish. The celebration was held on the feast day of Our Lady ofContinue reading “Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass”

Does Santa exploit his elves??

By Jack January      The media might have you believe Santa’s Elves are happy workers who work eagerly to prepare for Christmas Eve. However, this could not be further from the truth. The elves are an oppressed people who are seemingly eternally enslaved to exploitation and pain. The North Pole is not currently ownedContinue reading “Does Santa exploit his elves??”

Skins by XXXtentacion

     Now deceased rapper, XXXTENTACION, has new music available. His label has released an unfinished project from the rapper, called “Skins.” Skins is only 10 tracks in length and runs at just 30 minutes. The songs on the project are obviously unfinished, as they are brief, with skeletal production and unmastered vocals. However, thereContinue reading “Skins by XXXtentacion”

Top Fantasy Football Performers of 2018

  Patrick Mahomes – What do I even need to say. The guy has racked up the most fantasy points by far at 332.7. That’s 50 more than the next best guy. Mahomes has had an unreal first season as a starter, and let’s hope it continues into the playoffs for the Chiefs. If you’veContinue reading “Top Fantasy Football Performers of 2018”

Kelly Bryant Transfers to Mizzou

     On Friday, December 4th, former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant announced that he will be using his final year of eligibility to play at Mizzou for the upcoming 2019 season. This is a huge gain for Missouri, as the current quarterback and 4-year starter Drew Lock is graduating this offseason and will look toContinue reading “Kelly Bryant Transfers to Mizzou”

Best Christmas Movies of all Time

Christmas movies are an important part of the Christmas season, and I am here to tell you some popular ones. Elf (2003) Buddy (Will FerrellThe holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time for Christmas movies, but mostly eggnog. ) was accidentally taken to the North Pole as a toddler and was raised amongContinue reading “Best Christmas Movies of all Time”