Border War


         It was once one of the biggest, most fierce rivalry in sports. Fueled by passion and hatred, the games seemed to always leave us in awe. One side would experience sheer joy after the games were over, while the other would be in agony. Kansas and Missouri was a true rivalry, and it continues to disappoint fans all over our two states that the rivalry is no more.

         Rockhurst has a diverse pool of students, with a large amount of students living in Missouri, and a large amount in Kansas. Lots of students pledge their allegiance to the Tigers, and many others support the Jayhawks; a sharp divide is created. The only sure thing is that everyone, on both sides, loved the opportunity for supreme bragging rights over the other side that came from the Border War.

         Junior Caleb Phillips is loyal Missouri fan, and he believes the rivalry absolutely should continue. Phillips said, “One of the oldest rivalries shouldn’t be cancelled based on conference. Also, it made for some of the best entertainment such as the 2007 [football] Border War, which packed Arrowhead.” Junior Tommy Dunn pledges his allegiance to the Jayhawks, and he feels, “KU and MU is a game that would sell out the stands easily and bring back a rivalry that has been forgotten.” It seems as if Rockhurst would be all in a Border War revival in football and basketball.

      There are certain games in the rivalry’s recent history that true MU and KU fans cannot forget. One such game was the regular season finale of the 2007 college football season, in which Missouri defeated Kansas 36-28, spoiling the Jayhawks’ undefeated season and shot at a national title game appearance. Another classic game was the final regular season basketball meeting between the two archrivals before Mizzou left for the SEC. KU had a dramatic comeback from 19 down in the second half to tie the game, and as time expired, Thomas Robinson blocked Phil Pressey’s layup attempt. Kansas went on to win 87-86 in overtime. These are just a couple examples of the numerous classic games played between the Jayhawks and the Tigers.

         The bottom line is that rivalries create the most exciting, passionate sports games that can be seen, and the Border War is about as good as a rivalry can get. Kansas and Missouri should definitely play each other in football and basketball each year to keep the rivalry and hatred hot. A non-conference game between the Jayhawks and the Tigers is exactly what Kansas City sports fans need.

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