Best Breakfast Foods

     Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what should you eat for breakfast? Personally, I wake up, pan fry three sausage patties, fry three eggs, make three biscuits, and combine these into three breakfast sandwiches.  Mr. Alan Ratermann, a very knowledgeable man, has a perfect breakfast plan, “ If I could eat any food every day for the rest of my life, it would have to be a ham, cheese, jalapeño, and egg breakfast burrito. This burrito is a great source of nutrition, and will fill you up until your next meal.”

     Around 330 students voted for the best breakfast food, and 27.6% think that breakfast sandwiches are the best breakfast food. I completely agree with the 27.6%, simply because breakfast sandwiches are so customizable. For 2nd place, 15.5% voted doughnuts. I don’t completely agree with this percentage, simply because doughnuts have no nutritional value. Ratermann likes his doughnuts, with some specificity. “Doughnuts. I am talking about doughnuts entirely made of dough the entire way through, no airy doughnuts. I had some really good doughnuts like this when I was in Honduras.”

     Pancakes and waffles are two great breakfast options, and were close in votes, but which one is better? Personally I prefer pancakes over waffles. Some of the pros of pancakes are that customizing is easy, you can easily cook them on any pan, and, to me, they taste better than waffles. In my opinion, waffles are too complicated. You need to have a waffle maker, the machines are hard to master, and you can’t incorporate toppings like you can for pancakes . If you put in too little batter, your waffle is misshapen. If you put too much batter in, the machine will overflow, making a mess. “Pancakes all the way. You are able to cook in the blueberries, strawberries, bananas etc, and those are only toppings on waffles” says Ratermann. Rockhurst voted, and pancakes finished at 11.5% and waffles finished less than 8%. Pancakes finish victorious over waffles.

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