Music Review- Tha Carter V

    Lil Wayne, one of the most prolific artists of our generation, (responsible for over 10 LP’s and multiple series of mixtapes), is back with his long awaited album, Tha Carter V. Fans of the old Wayne remember the days when he was living up to his self proclaimed title as “the best rapper alive.” Tha Carter V brings back that authentic Lil Wayne experience fans have been waiting to hear again for so long. The production is great, ranging from beats with some obviously Kanye influenced soul samples to trap bangers, that Lil Wayne raps over effortlessly. Wayne even features XXXTENTACION on the song “Don’t Cry,” sampling X’s voice as the hook to the song. The track serves as a tribute to the talented young artist. Lil Wayne brings in some of the hottest rappers in the industry for his album, old and new, including features from Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and many more. Lil Wayne and Kendrick exchange bars over the breathtaking “Mona Lisa” track. The track serves as a “passing of the torch,” from one generation defining artist to another.


    Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter” series has been one of the best-selling series of Hip Hop albums of all time. Lil Wayne has helped shape the culture of Hip Hop, being an outspoken inspiration for several major artists in the industry today. It’s been a long time coming, 7 years since the last installment of “Tha Carter” series, and “Tha Carter V lives up to it’s long awaited arrival.

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