NFL MVP Candidates

By Sam Linson

The NFL MVP race after week 4 features three quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bucs, and Aaron Rodgers of the Packers. These are the top QB’s in the league and only Aaron Rodgers was on the preseason MVP list. Mahomes and Fitzpatrick were not ranked in preseason list. Mahomes is basically a rookie and Fitzpatrick has been around the league and can not find a his rhythm to be a franchise quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes-

Mahomes has had a great opening three games versus the Chargers, Steelers and 49ers. Verse the Chargers, Mahomes threw for 256 yards on twenty-seven pass attempts with four touchdowns. This was a great opener for the young QB, but the next game versus the Steelers would be a real test for Mahomes. The last two years the Chiefs haven’t beaten the Steelers with Alex smith as the quarterback. In this game Mahomes shined brighter than the last with an astounding six touchdown passes and 326 yards. Mahomes led the Chiefs to a 42-37 victory and showed the intageables of a MVP quarterback. Mahomes tacked on a another two tds that gave him thirteen touchdowns on the season, which leads the league. After a comeback win against the Broncos it’s abundantly clear that Mahomes is the real deal. The kid might just be a wizard.

Ryan Fitzpatrick-

Fitzpatrick is a dark horse in this MVP race but has showed his worth. With the Bucs having quarterback problems, Fitzpatrick stepped in week one versus the eagles defending Super Bowl champions. Fitzpatrick was amazing in this game throwing for 402 yards and four tds. This game showed how much Fitzpatrick worked to get back to the starting position after years of mediocrity. He has led the average Bucs to a 2-1 record and has been named the full time starter. Also Fitzpatrick has become a fan favorite with his legendary nickname, “Fitzmagic.” Tragically it appears that the Fitzmagic era has come to an end. After being blown out by the Bears, Fitzpatrick was replaced in the second half by Jameis Winston and Winston has been named the starter.

Aaron Rodgers-

Rodgers is coming off a left knee injury from last season and it hasn’t showed at all. The Packers were bad to mediocre without Rodgers and now that he has returned the pack has looked great. It has taken time for Rodgers to adapt to his new limitations but has still thrown for seven touchdowns and no interceptions. He has the stats to win mvp every year but voters look at the Packers before and after Rodgers play. With Rodgers they are an elite team. Without him, they are bottom of the league and arguably the worst in their division.

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