Summer Service Series


This past summer Mr. Max Magee and Mr. Phillip Helt took members of class of 2021 out to the Jerusalem farm. The Prep News staff spoke with Magee on his overall impression on how they did , how they bonded over the week , what Mr. Magee thinks they learned and what this year’s freshman can expect on this year’s trip. We also spoke with sophomore Alex Schrik who attended this event and talks to us about why’d he do it, favorite experience and his rating out of 10 for the event.



Q: What is TIE KC?

Magee:“ TIE (Total Ignatian Experience) Kansas City , our longest running program that was for rising leaders in the junior and senior class and five years ago we added TIE Tennessee and TIE Guatemala. TIE KC is for rising sophomores. TIE KC is still run by RHS works through a program called Jerusalem Farm. Values that we tend to learn are simplicity ,community , service and prayer.” 

Q: Describe a day at the farm.

Magee:“ Waking up and doing chores all around the house is how we start our day and we help repair houses up northeast in the Kansas City area. While also keeping up with the farm and the animals, only chickens. Throughout the week we eat only vegetarian food and one group would stay at the house to prepare the meal while the rest of us went to help around the neighborhood.”

Q:Why did you do TIE KC?



Schrik:“I did TIE KC not just for the service hours but because a lot of my friends were going. Also because I heard it was a great experience and it definitely lived up to my expectation. The group of people that went were amazing and definitely helped in making that week wonderful and exciting.”

Q:What was your favorite experience?

Schrik:“ My favorite experience was when my group went to a Marta’s house and we tore out the flooring in her kitchen to replace it because her family couldn’t gather there due to mold on the rug.”

Q:Rating out of 1-10

Schrik:“I’d give it a solid 9 because it was an amazing experience but the food wasn’t my favorite due to it all being vegetarian and one night we went without electricity and running water due to a power saving thing but overall it was an amazing experience.”


TIE KC is a service project. The hours count toward your service hours, it’s an event that can help you connect with your fellow classmates and give a profound spiritual experience . If there are any questions feel free to ask Mr. Ratermann.


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