Netflix Update-September

By Sam Linson

     September is a beautiful month for Netflix. Some classic movies are making a glorious return (The Breakfast Club, Groundhog Day), as well as Netflix originals (American Vandal). Nacho Libre, Scarface, Spider-Man 3, and Bruce Almighty slid in on September 1. A couple Netflix originals made their Netflix debut, Disenchantment and Paradise PD among them. September 4 was an exciting day for Marvel fans. The box office hit film, Black Panther, broke Netflix in a matter of hours. Season two of the high school documentary spoof, American Vandal, is accessible on September 14. I, personally, am absolutely amped for the September 16 arrival of Role Models, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

          With great gain, comes great loss. Many fan favorites are being removed in the month of September. Casino, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Bucket List, and Ghostbusters (1984) have been slashed from Netflix as of September 1. After September 1, the devastation subsides and only two solid selections are being discharged. On September 15, semi- hilarious show Bordertown gets the boot. The Imitation Game will be leaving on September 28.

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