Student Music Tastes


How you ever wondered why generation Z is so fascinated with the rap culture? Rap music has swept the nation with popularity. Is it the rich and luxurious lifestyle that everyone dreams about or could it be the recurring beat pattern that attracts the listener?


Going deeper into the situation, after over 250 votes, 44% of the Rockhurst High School student body selected their favorite genre of music as rap. Rap tends to be musically stronger and more creative than others. In my own opinion, I do agree that rap is the best because I enjoy the fast beats. I am also intrigued with the famous yet interesting lives my favorite artist live.


Justin Hermès, a junior and member of the SGA said “I enjoy certain parts of Rap such as the experimental and abstract beats used by artist. That aspect tied in with great lyrical content creates a great sound.” Justin continued to say that he believes rap is the most popular genre of music at Rockhurst based on how it is the most popular music of our generation. Furthermore, Ethan Hein said that gangsta rap is a fantasy of (mostly) masculine power: fighting danger, drinking and smoking pot at will, getting laid effortlessly, defying authority, getting rich without being chained to a desk. What about this attracts many young students at our school?

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