Kelly and Pope’s Cup of Tea Blog #1

C: What’s up guys, it’s Nick Pope and Conor Kelly, your two founders of Kelly and Pope’s Cup of Tea. This week we have a lot to talk about. We had a disappointing loss to Rock Bridge, a hype pep rally with some lost voices, and a new grading system that not one person understands. Also we had a chance to sit down with Flik’s own Ms. Johnson, and she had some big news. But first let’s talk about the football game.

C: We fell to Rockbridge 33-21, but I could feel the buzz in the student section. It was difficult to find one guy who had his voice left after that game, and we firmly believe we will bounce right back from that loss. We have a huge game against Blue Springs, and it’s everyone’s favorite theme, Braveheart.

N: Against all odds, the Hawklets shut down blue springs with a 17-0 victory. Almost the entire student body was cheering in the stands sporting braveheart attire. The crowd was loud and the hype was real, especially when the Spider Doctor (Senior Dylan Lawrence) hyped everybody up from the front of the student section.

N: Now it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite administrative change at Rockhurst High School: Blackbaud ! Blackbaud is the replacement for NetClassroom. On the new system, the student can check their daily schedule and grades. On the surface, it seems like a good change. There’s only one problem, though: IT DOESN’T WORK. Every day there seems to be some new problem with the system. I don’t think I know a single student in the entire school who didn’t have a scheduling problem at the beginning of the year. Even today, it doesn’t display the schedule correctly 100% of the time. You know what did? NetClassroom. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, Rockhurst.

C: Flik got off to a strong first week, spoiling us with burgers, carnitas, and jambalaya all in the span of a week, but since then things have only gone down hill. Believe me, Flik is a very solid food service, but by now they have to know what the students want. What 17 year old eats baked ziti and blackened tilapia? Cmon Flik, you’re reaching there. Of course there’s the curious case of the Frank’s Red Hot, which we will get to the bottom of in a bit, but I have to talk about the massive turkey legs. I love them, and they’re huge, but one thing that Flik absolutely needs is a microwave. If I could heat these turkey legs up it would be like Thanksgiving everyday.

And now it’s time for our guest of the week. This week we have a Rockhurst fan favorite, Ms. Johnson! Here’s what she has to say:

Favorite Flik Meal?

“My favorite Flik meal to serve is the jambalaya, because it’s the easiest to serve. My favorite Flik meal to eat is the Spaghetti Baked Squash, which is a vegetarian option that no one ever gets.”

Favorite thing to do on a lazy day?

“SLEEP! And watch Netflix.”

Hidden Talent?

“Yes, before I came to Rockhurst I worked at a Gospel radio station as one of the announcers, which not a lot of people know about me.

Why is Franks gone?

“The Franks isn’t gone! It’s in the Texas Pete’s dispenser (the black one) on the condiment table.”

Any news on the slushy machine?

“Yes, the slushie machine is in the building. We are currently deciding what to do with it, but right now we are leaning towards putting it in the Quarry for after school.”

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