Outdoors Club



The Rockhurst Outdoors Club participates in several outdoor and nature related activities year-round. Events and club activities range from rock climbing at ROKC to hiking through the Swiss Alps. Club moderators are Luke McLellan, Tim Nendick, Jonathan Feder, and Alan Ratermann, the club provides students and teachers alike with opportunities to experience the outdoors and build relationships.


The club’s most recent trip to Wyoming and South Dakota allowed students to experience three national parks.  They began the trip by camping and hiking in the backcountry of the South Dakota Badlands. In the Badlands, campers saw wild prairie dogs, buffalo, and coyotes. Next, the club headed west into the heart of Yellowstone National Park. Over the next four days, the group participated in a number of nature related activities including fly-fishing for trout on three different rivers. While in Yellowstone, McLellan led the boys on a 18 mile hike into the backcountry.


For the final leg of the trip, The Outdoors Club members traveled to Jackson, Wyoming to summit The Grand Teton. After two days of intensive mountain school, campers were ready to take on the eight hour hike from base camp on the lower saddle. The next day the team woke at 3 a.m. to complete their summit bid. After 4 hours of technical mountaineering on 2,500 foot faces, club members finally summited the Grand Teton at 8 a.m. and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise from the summit of the mountain.

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