From the Rose Theatre to Italy

By Cody Metcalf

The choir program at Rockhurst is one of the many exciting activities our school has to offer. Since Mr. Sam Anderson has taken over the choir program, he has turned it into a competitive group of performers that often earns the highest scores in state competitions. Anderson strives to make the Rockhurst choir program more than just singing and competing. He aims to get the most out of his students and give them the best possible experience, and he does this through unique opportunities most students don’t get to experience, such as singing on the campus of Rockhurst University in December and travel opportunities.

         This past summer, the Rockhurst Choir Program took a trip across the Atlantic to Rome, Italy. The choir, led by “Commander” Sam Anderson, showcased their harmonious talents in various churches throughout the city. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors made the trip to the Catholic capital, where they feasted on some authentic Italian eats and enjoyed one another’s camaraderie.

         Junior Luke Rottinghaus had nothing but great things to say about the trip. He particularly enjoyed singing in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, which is something very few people get to experience. According to Luke, “A typical day looked like waking up at 7 a.m., going to tour a couple museums or sites, having three or four hours of free time with some friends, singing a Mass, and then going to a late dinner and dessert with the group.” Anderson really strives to get the most out of the Rockhurst choir program and his students, and the opportunities choir students have can be once-in-a-lifetime. Rottinghaus also personally endorsed the trip, saying “ I thought it was the perfect amount of time, and it was definitely one of the best experiences at Rockhurst.”

The choir Hawklets got to experience something most people don’t in the Rome trip, and it’s safe to say they made the most of it. From singing at important Catholic sites to enjoying all the activities the city has to offer, the guys enjoyed the whole experience and definitely recommend it. The next Rome trip will be in the summer of 2020, so be sure to consider going if you will still be in Rockhurst Choir.

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