Fresh Start for Model United Nations

By Sam Linson

Last year, Mr. Phil Helt took the reins of the Model United Nations Club of Rockhurst High School. Helt is the coach of the nationally recognized Rockhurst Speech and Debate Team, and Helt decided to revamp a decorated former dynasty with his winning attitude and killer mentality.

  “Our goal is to rebuild the Model UN program. I have got a very committed group of juniors that is really invested in Model UN this year. We have already decided that we are going to attend competitions not only in Kansas City, but also in Arkansas and Pennsylvania. We want to compete at a high level, but also have fun at the same time”. Helt said.

Helt has high expectations for the club and its members. Junior and club captain Jimmy Olson has been a beneficiary of this confidence.  “The bar is definitely set higher than it has been in years in the past, but I believe that we have a good group of guys that are all gonna be able to put the pieces together during conference time,” Olson said.

Big changes have been made to the atmosphere of the club, and have affected the air around conferences. What was once a laid back, day off of school has turned into a Red Bull fueled ride of diplomacy. “In the past years Model UN was not much of a club. We did not even have meetings and when we did nothing really happened. Now, we have a moderator that is willing put in the time to help us get it together. We have a better group of guys and I think we are gonna be more competitive this year and are gonna bring home some awards,” Olson said. Club members plan on excelling in conferences this year and are prepared to improve under the wing of their new fearless leader, Mr. Helt.

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