Slacking Off, Don’t Do It

As I look back on my Rockhurst career, I have very little regrets, except one. I am currently writing this story for extra points, in an elective class at that, because I have been a complete slacker during my time at Rockhurst.

     I have been content with making average grades my entire time here at Rockhurst. I would consistently find out what the minimum amount of effort necessary for a class was and I would only put in that much work just so I could make an alright grade. I never thought about what my grades could have been if It  put in maximum effort. I have been recently told by the head of the Prep News, Mrs. Smith, that I had untapped potential at Rockhurst that I never attempted to crack.

    The problem is that I know there are many students just like me. I am now talking to the many students like me that have unreached potential that they refuse to touch. To those students, I know that being able to slack off and being able to do little to no homework every night is an easy lifestyle, but that is not Rockhurst. I know this may sound like a sentimental senior trying to press my own beliefs on underclassmen but it is true. I didn’t realize it until now but Rockhurst is a place that is meant to challenge you. Graduates from Rockhurst are respected around the Kansas City area because everyone knows what Rockhurst is about. If you don’t take advantage of what Rockhurst has to offer, you will most definitely regret it in the long run.

    If I had tried harder at Rockhurst I would have been able to have more control over my college decision as well. I am perfectly happy going to Kansas State University, but I can’t help but feel that I could have been better. It is much better to say “oh well” than “what if.”

    As I draw closer to graduation I want all Rockhurst students to listen to my experiences as a cautionary tale. 

Declan Shea, the great Class of 2018

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