Recap of Prom

Prep News TV Video by Kevin Egan.

Friday, April 27, was the last Rockhurst dance the Senior Class would experience as students. The night was filled with glee as students and their dates danced on the dance floor and the room was filled with chatter from conversations.

The Prom’s Disc Jockey, DJ Mic, was the same DJ for Homecoming and was said to do better from his last performance in Homecoming. By doing so, he requested Tucker O’Brien to gather song requests to be played during the event. “He played from a playlist that was either sent from me or Mr. Linscott,” Senior Tucker O’Brien said. “The DJ played a lot of requested songs but seemed to play most of them at the beginning so it faded at the end and people started getting bored,” said senior Massimo Avelluto said.

There were those who chose to sit down and have fun in their own table and those who chose to take it to the dance floor. I asked Senior Massimo Avelluto about his experience, “I thought the dinner was really nice, food selection was good and I liked the buffet style. I thought the dance as a whole could be more interactive, a lot of people were sitting around including myself.” Senior Maurice Freese, “ I was underwhelmed because for the amount of money they spent, I expected a lot more than a white tablecloths and orbits with a small dance floor. The food was not good in my opinion.”

Senior Gabe Chesen talked about his reason to why he did not attend prom, “I could not afford it with the tickets being so expensive. Also, the venue was too far and I found out that it was going to be the same DJ from homecoming.”

A problem most Rockhurst students had regard for was the time they were allowed to leave. “Rockhurst has about 1000 students, more or less, and there are public schools with easily three times as many students or more and they come and go as they please. So being let out at 11:30 and being there for over three hours is just bad and angers everyone by the end of the night,” Maurice said. “If they shortened the time then people would try to enjoy the dance more rather than just going through it,” Massimo added.

Rockhurst Prom is a fun event that Seniors anticipate. But with improvements, the Prom could be better and even enjoyable throughout the whole event. A couple suggestions would be to shorten the duration of the prom or get a better DJ.

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