Album Reviews: Post Malone and J.Cole

The month of April was a huge month for rap and hip hop with two of the biggest names releasing albums. Post Malone release of Beerbongs & Bentleys on April 27th and J.Cole’s release of KOD on April 20th showed numbers music billboards have never seen before.

Post Malone’s new album Beerbongs & Bentleys is on course to break the record for the biggest streaming week ever for an album. Beerbongs and Bentleys is Post Malone’s second studio album, released on April 27 by Republic Records. His debut studio album, Stoney, peaked at No. 4 in 2017.

While, Malone’s new album is breaking records there are some that argue that it was overhyped and there were too many singles released before the album.

“The album release was crazy, everyone had been waiting on it all year, but it seemed to fall short of the hype,” said senior, Connor Redmond. “That’s not to say it wasn’t a good album. It just did not live up to everything it was made out to be,”

Yet, many said that the undertones of love and money will make Beerbongs and Bentleys an album that will not quickly be forgotten.

“Post sings about the success he has gotten from his last album Stoney and how he has dealt with new money and fame,” said sophomore, Aidan Shea. “This means a lot of the album is about living an entirely new lifestyle and dealing with love and hardship even while doing so well career-wise,”

Cole recorded the biggest sales week of 2018 so far as the rapper’s surprise new LP KOD debuted at Number One, marking the fifth straight J. Cole album to be first on the Billboard 200. While, KOD too had much success it was also met with harsh criticism. Cole’s new album was based around addiction in rap and the drug culture that stems from that addiction. Cole’s latest album was certainly covering very heavy issues, which prompted criticism from senior Chase Fortin.

“ There just weren’t that many bangers,”said senior Chase Fortin. “ J.Cole has the problem of going too deep in his music from time to time and I think that can be a detriment when it comes to the album as a whole. Sometimes the deep nature of the lyrics  overcomes the beat and melody of the song which is a good and bad thing.”

While Cole’s KOD and Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys were clearly popular. Some have argued this April’s new releases could have been a bit overhyped and not worth the wait.

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