The Roscars

Prep News TV Video by Will Fehr.

The Roscars are a way of celebrating the creativity of students in digital media. The event consists of movie screenings, photography, and broadcasting videos. For each category, multiple awards are given for the outstanding work done on these projects.

The Advanced Filmmaking Class consists of students who have already had the basic training of filming and editing. These students were given the chance to create solo works for the Roscars. The big winner of the night was senior David Edmonds, whose movie “Thievery of Hopper High” won best overall movie. Other winners on the night included: senior Riley Metcalf for best costumes, senior Christian Franklin for outstanding achievement in special effects, senior Eli Todd for outstanding achievement for sound and audio, senior Krishon Harris for best lighting, and senior Bryce Terrell for best acting.

The Introduction to Movie Making Class is a full year course that introduces students to the world of movie making. The class was challenged to make group projects and present them at the Roscars. Best overall picture was won by GMMB for “Trapped.” GMMB also took home the award for best costumes. Other winners included Blind Eyes Production for best sound and audio and best acting for their picture “Off the Grid.” Redacted Productions took home outstanding achievement in lighting for their movie “30 Seconds.”

The photography classes also featured their work during the Roscars. Awards were given to students that showed great skills in five different categories. The award for best sports photo was won by Eli Todd. The urban landscape and architecture award was given to Graedon Martinez. Carter Lange won for best portrait. Grant Geiger took home the award for best photo in the nature and landscape category, and Wolf Wheeler won the award for most creative picture.

The students from the broadcasting classes were able to feature their work during the Roscars as well. Three different categories of broadcasting were shown, and each category had multiple outstanding productions. The first category was News Headlines, which consisted of a feature on the Orange Chicken Tasting Contest, the Bonnie and Clyde Musical, and the Easter Triduum Prayer service. The next category was features and these stories examined the investment club, robotics class, and the rock collection. The final category was sports and this category featured productions about mission week volleyball and the basketball semifinals.

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