Rockhurst in the Middle Ages

As the sun peers through my homely abode in the boundary lands of Leawood, I awaken to the rooster crow. I crawl out of bed and throw on my woollen tunic and cloak and head downstairs for breakfast. Mother has prepared a bowl of porridge and some dried fruit. As I eat the porridge I hear the town crier walking through the countryside exclaiming the knight’s academy of Rockhurst besting the remedial academy of Shawnee Mission East in a jousting match for the 50th year straight .

I quickly finish my breakfast and ride my noble steed to Castle Greenlease for today’s set of academia. After binding my horse in the swelling stables of the castle I walk on the Bowen  family drawbridge to the great room of Barry. The great hall is a bustle with squires on a rush to class and I join is as I make my way to Sir Holmes school of scribes.

After a grueling class consisting of penmanship and parchment my class of fellow squires marches up to the dinning hall to feast before our afternoon. Unfortunately during the march one of our own is picked off. Squire Clayton Anderson is caught attempting to cut the lines for roasted pig and is sentenced to pillory for 45 minutes after school, a grave occurrence!

The feast of lunch commenced solemnly with remorse of our fallen brother, Clayton. After gorging ourselves with meats, cheeses, roast pig, and grapes the final hours of the day begin. The swordplay lessons are tough and require much hard work but the inspirational words from Sir Severino help motivate us for the upcoming battle against the knights of the springs of Blue. Alas, the day is over and I ride my noble steed back to my abode in the boundary lands of Leawood.

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