Learn More About the Barry Commons

Pictured above is the Barry Commons, one of the most popular spots around Rockhurst. The Barry is a spot for students to work on homework and study for quizzes and tests. While the Barry Commons can often be loud and crowded, the several tables positioned around the Barry supply a great spot for students to finish their schoolwork. While I would not recommended the Barry for serious studying, it offers a nice relaxing feel after getting stressed out by homework and tests.

The Barry Commons is also a safe haven for students to use their cellular devices and to play iPadIMG_7336 games. One of the few spots around the school to offer such freedoms the Barry attracts students for all different grades and social scenes. If a student ever needs time to relax from a long day of school work, they can find a nice and mellow time in the Barry texting their friends and playing games. Senior Dawson Ervie says “The fact that the Barry Commons allows cell phones is great. When i first started at Rockhurst they didn’t allow cell phones at all, now we have places like the Barry commons and the McGee hall where we can use cell phones. This is very cool because there are times where I just want to get on my phone and relax.”

Another great thing that the Barry offers is the “Quarry.” The Quarry offers food and drink for students after school and is a type of concession stand. The Quarry offers a variety of food and drink  choices ranging from pizza to potato chips and Cherry Coca-Cola to Powerade. The Quarry is a great last stop for students as they exit Rockhurst. The Barry allows students to study and finish up homework, use their cell phones and play games, and even offers after school snacks.

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