Looking into the Rockhurst Mission

At one point in your 2018 Rockhurst career, you’ve probably entered the new learning commons (at least, I hope you have). On the last remaining wall of the Pesci Atrium, there is printed the Rockhurst High School Mission Statement. Almost every student walks past these words every day on our way to class. However, how many of us have actually taken the time to read it? Every Rockhurst student should be familiar with the mission statement. Every month, Rockhurst High School gives back to its community and its students in ways other schools do not. This is because Rockhurst students follow their motto, “Men for Others.” In 2018 alone, Rockhurst students have already demonstrated many ways in which this motto can be used in action.

The Rockhurst High School Freshman Retreat is a great example of how fellow Rockhurst brothers exhibit the “Men for Others” quality. Currently, almost every Rockhurst student has experienced the freshman retreat. I can almost guarantee that every person involved with the retreat now has a different outlook on the Rockhurst community. Rockhurst High School is more than just a school, it’s a brotherhood. For me personally, the freshman retreat introduced me to the majority of my classmates for the first time.

Another way in which Rockhurst has contributed to its community in 2018 was the Senior Service missions. Every year, the Senior class partakes in a class-wide service mission. Since early 1970, the Rockhurst High School Senior class takes part in the mission trips for local services in the Kansas City area and beyond. Since then, Rockhurst Seniors have given back over 700,000 hours of service to the community. This year, students were tasked to go out of their comfort zone and try a new way to give back. Students went to over 60 agencies across the Kansas City area, and 42 students went to help internationally. Rockhurst Seniors demonstrated to the community what Rockhurst is all about. Along with helping the community, Rockhurst students gain personal experiences and form friendships with their fellow brothers. It’s a great way to not only demonstrate the qualities of being a man for others, but also a great bonding experience between soon to graduate Seniors.

Rockhurst High School wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for its Mission Statement. Our Mission Statement sets us apart from any other school. Through personal growth as a brotherhood and community impact through service, the students of Rockhurst High School live out its mission statement every day.

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