Did You Know? Learn More About St.Ignatius

  It is no big secret that St. Ignatius is a prevalent part of the Jesuit culture we are trying to embody at Rockhurst. We know him as the sinner turned saint, who founded the Society of Jesus and lived about 500 years ago. Many of us learned about his life in Freshman theology, but if anyone is like me they are still probably wondering why he is probably the most famous saint at Rockhurst. In his brief time at Rockhurst Freshman Josh Pickett says that he notices the heavy Ignatian presence at Rockhurst. “He really is everywhere here, in Theology we learn about him all the time and I see pictures of him everywhere,” said Pickett.
    Of course St. Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus. But he once was a drunken adulterer, which is no big secret. But there are some little facts about Ignatius that we did not learn in Freshman Theology.  

    The following facts are according to Loyola Press, a Jesuit publication. Loyola Press claims that Ignatius is most likely the only saint with a police record. He was booked for nighttime brawling. He also penned over 6,800 letters in his lifetime, which makes him one of the most prolific writers of all time. Ignatius once encountered someone he believed to have insulted Virgin Mary, he was so enraged that he decided to ride a donkey to determine whether or not he should murder the guy. Fortunately, the donkey chose the path that allowed the man to live.

  Ignatius also possessed a softer side. He was known to be so engaged and moved by mass that he often broke down and cried. Some of these little things about Ignatius are totally glossed over in the big picture of his great life, and it is interesting to look at these more personal, smaller details of the man we thought we knew so well.  

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