Assassins: The Game of Survival

Written by Kirk Whalen and Evan Isom

The game of assassins is in full swing and has taken Rockhurst by storm. The first round has already commenced with a great deal of water gun fuelled assassinations. “56 players have been assassinated since the beginning of the game, but even more were disqualified for not getting their target,” said assassins organizer, Conrad Mojica. The prize for the winner of assassins totals 700 dollars which provide motivation for the 39 players in the second round.  

Although the 700 dollars is appealing, the game of assassins has not been appealing to some. The Prep News sat down with an ex-assassins player, Matt Adam to learn more. “To me, assassins was definitely not worth it because I broke my leg and it was stressful.” Adam continues,  “I was running to get my target and I landed on my foot weird and it broke.”

Although some have disliked the game of assassins many commend the game’s greatness, one of those people is Tucker O’Brien. O’Brien highlight of his favorite memories of the game being his first kill, a 30-minutepasted image 0 (2)pasted image 0 (1) drive before school to take out his target. O’Brien seems to be on track to be a major player in the game. His advice to future generations is “The perfect defense makes for a good offense.” As the game longs on, there are still 10 players in the hunt for $700 and eternal glory


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