AMDG: The Motto of the Jesuits

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam or AMDG is the motto of the Jesuits. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam is the Latin saying “For the Greater Glory of God”. This is the goal of the Society of Jesus and leads the way of everyday thinking for the Jesuits.

This sign can be found at the top of the Barry Commons stairs. Majority of students pass this in the morning on their way to classes. This sign is a constant reminder to everyone who passes that we live and do everything in the greater Glory of God.

Junior Max Terril passes this sign every morning. “The sign gets me thinking about it every time I pass it. I feel like I examine the things I have done and plan to do throughout the day.” Terril said.

The Jesuit symbol is pictured to the left of AMDG. IHS is an anagram for Jesus Christ which is pictured with a cross inside of the sun. IHS and AMDG are the most recognizable Jesuit symbols nationwide.

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