The Greenlease Memorial Campus



In 1962, Rockhurst High School moved to its current location, the Greenlease Memorial Campus, from its original location at Rockhurst University. The Greenlease family became the primary benefactor, hence the name.

The reason the Greenlease family donated this money for the new location was because of the kidnap and murder of their son, Bobby. Bobby was taken from Sion lower and was held captive for a ransom. Even though Bobby’s parents paid the ransom, he was still murdered.  

The kidnappers, Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Heady, were found and arrested in St. Louis only eight days later. They were found because they were purchasing items with the ransom money, which was marked by the FBI. Hall and Heady were both sentenced to death for their crimes, and were executed on December 18, only three months after being caught.

After their son’s death, Mr. and Mrs. Greenlease found comfort in the Catholic Church, especially in the Jesuits. When the Rockhurst University campus was unable to provide for both the college and high school, the Greenlease family offered a generous donation that placed the high school where it is today, on State Line Road.

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