Construction consumes Rockhurst

If you have been to Rockhurst in the last week then you have seen a lot of digging happening on the front lawn. All of the diggings on the front lawn is a result of a water leak underground, causing the school thousands of dollars. According to the Rockhurst maintenance department, they started to notice started to notice unusually high water bills beginning in January and leading up to now. “The water leak was actually pointing straight down and that’s why we didn’t see any water coming to the surface like you usually do,” said Ron Huska the head of the maintenance department. U.S Engineering arrived at Rockhurst on Friday of last week and the digging began shortly after. The amount of ground they had to dig up was astonishing, but this was all necessary as Rockhurst was using about 30,000 gallons of water a day.

The leak has been fixed and they are now in the process of putting all the ground back together. The sidewalks leading to the front door will also have to be replaced along with some potholes created in the parking lot. All in all, water leaks can be destructive to fix, but rest assured that everything is under control.

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